Learning Sessions

Our IC 2013 workshops will continue to engage us in learning more about ““Casting the NET: Evangelizing in our Digital World.”  Plan to stay for a day or two to participate in the Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC), where the field of educational technology offers us over 35 years of best practices.

Explore the Technologies that save, streamline and inspire! With more than 200 Concurrent Sessions and 100+ Workshops, FETC 2013 is the most comprehensive educational technology event in the nation. It is in this field that we will find high quality, customizable ideas for training and curriculum development.  Full conference registration includes your FETC registration.

11:00 AM

Create, Collaborate, Communicate: Contemporary Methodologies for the 21st Century Classroom – Ailis Travers, High School Advisor and Digital Specialist for Veritas. Sponsored by Veritas. – Location: Superior

The phenomenon of social networking combined with increased access to technology and the Internet in general has contributed to heightened levels of digital literacy among students. This workshop will explore a variety of methodologies that can draw on these skills to enhance student learning and engagement. The emphasis will be on how technology allows students to create, collaborate and communicate and how through this they can bring their ‘life to faith and faith to life’. The workshop will also demonstrate useful technology tools, tips and tricks for religion teachers who wish to embrace technology in their work, including how to transition to teach in a digital world using eBooks and ePortfolios and how to promote responsible collaboration among students.

 Creative Catholic Marketing from Messaging to Social Media – Maureen Wales, Founder and President, Catholic Marketing Initiatives LLC – Location: Okeechobee – 1

Get proven techniques and suggestions to apply to marketing efforts. Take away simple, insightful ideas that will help initiate new or bolster current marketing plans.  Learn marketing essentials and how to create a unique story and message. Learn how to deploy a powerful message through diverse channels using the integration and balance of both traditional and Web 2.0 marketing tools.

 Freeing the Inner Leader: How InterConnectivity Changes the World – Terry Modica, Executive Director and Founder of Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay (gnm.org) – – Location: Okeechobee – 2

The internet has changed the world, and the changes have given power to the individual. It has revived the ancient social unit of tribes. Founded on shared ideas and values, “tribes” give ordinary people the power to lead and make big change. The Church needs to be part of this shift, evangelizing non-believers and inviting inactive Catholics – not by the old mass-marketing paradigm of generalized outreach, not by trying to convince people to change, and not by the hierarchical model that exerts authority to force change. Rather, the Church’s success is increasingly dependent on freeing each active Catholic’s inner leader so they can influence the people in their “tribes”. All have are called to bring others to Christ and parish life. Today’s world makes it more possible than ever before.

 BYOD – The Challenges & The Rewards – Paul R. Sanfrancesco, Director of Technology for the Garnet Valley School District. Sponsored by Wm. H. Sadlier. – Location: Michigan

Struggling with issues related to using personal digital devices to access resources in the parish? Hear from Paul Sanfrancesco about the implementation of BYOD and the responsibilities that come with such a policy.

1:00 PM

Ten Web 2.0 Tools for Catechesis and Ministry– Kristine Neumayer Jenkins, Digital Discipleship Boot Camp Coach and Trainer – Location: Okeechobee – 1

This workshop introduces you to 10 different, interactive and FREE (or affordable) internet tools that you can begin using immediately in your ministry or catechetical classroom. From sharing faith information to digital storytelling, this Year of Faith is the perfect time to learn more about new media and develop your “digital disciple” skills. This workshop is adapted from a session of the Digital Discipleship Boot Camp (DDBC), an online new media training course for church employees and volunteers. DDBC gives you the opportunity to continue learning technology skills, to apply those skills creatively to your ministry situation, and to connect with other ministers interested in using affordable technology appropriately.

3:00 PM       

 Talent, Time, and Treasure: Mobile Technologies, 1:1 computer initiatives, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs into the Parish Setting – Michael Ficara, Managing Partner, Classroom2day – Location: Okeechobee – 2

The divide between digital natives and digital immigrants is never more present than in the church. As many schools and parishes look to bring technology into their organizations three main questions arise: Do I have the talent in my building to implement technology? Do I have the time to train my staff and followers? How to I fund my technology initiatives on a tight budget? This session will provide you with a blueprint and the answers to the questions above. When looking at bringing technology into our parish and schools it is important not to look just at hardware, but have a plan for the software, apps, training, and implementation to meet your goals.

 Utilizing Wiki’s in Your Ministry – Ruth Manlandro, Professor of Computer Science at St. Johns River State College and RCIA catechist – Location: Superior Ballroom

Wiki’s are wonderful collaborative tools.  In this session you will learn how a team can collaborate and work together from any location to share and improve communication in the team.  You will learn what a wiki is, how to set one up and add widgets that increases communication.  I will share our story of how the RCIA team at Cathedral Parish of St. Augustine learned how to use a wiki and what we did with it.  We’ll also explore how Wiki’s can be used for other ministries.

 Marketing Your Church Using the Web – Joe Luedtke, President, E-Giving Division for Liturgical Publications (LPi) – Location: Okeechobee – 1

Just as your parish’s gathering space should welcome visitors, invite prospective members, and engage members in your community, so should your church’s website. Learn how to grow your faith community online and engage your members as well as potential members using a variety of online tools and services.

 Prepare Ye the Way: Creating and Implementing a Technology Plan for Your Parish – Marc Puechner, Owner, Arms Wide Open Solutions, Belgium, Wisconsin – Location: Michigan

This presentation will explore why a technology plan is necessary, which questions need to be asked, and which steps need to be in place for an effective strategy to improving the technology presence in your parish.

4:15 PM                                                                                                                       

Planning Effective Social Media Use At A Parish To Improve Communication & Evangelize. – Brad West, Parish Web Ministry Volunteer – Location: Okeechobee – 2

The benefits of social media and social networks are apparent in our parishes and our classrooms, but those benefits are often not realized because we haven’t learned to effectively plan.  This lecture will focus on explaining social media and social networks as tools to new avenues of communication and the natural result of evangelizing.  From there I will explain the most effective way to select and implement these services using an adaption of “The 5 W’s” (What, Why, Who, Where, & When).

How do you “Cast the .NET?” – Diane Lampitt, Consultant, UpWord Studios – – Location: Superior

What does it mean today to “Cast the.Net” in light of digital and wireless technology? This workshop will take a practical approach to using the Internet and digital new media in light of your ministerial context. We will explore platforms, technology tools, and digital resources and assess how they can be used to enhance pastoral ministry, faith formation, prayer, community building, and your efforts to reach the Engaged, Unengaged, and Disengaged.

Information Literacy: A Research Model – Rhonda Carrier, Information and Communication Technology Teacher, Incarnation Catholic School, Tampa, Florida – – Location: Michigan

New information and communication technology (ICT) skills and strategies are needed to guide us through the cultural transformation mentioned by Pope Benedict XVI in his message for the 45th World Communication Day. Appropriately using social media is one aspect of the cultural transformation, but locating and assessing information online is another critically needed skill. Using the Big6 research process, students identify information research goals, understand strategies to seek, use and assemble relevant and credible information, and reflect on the effectiveness of the final product and the efficiency of the process. If these skills are used wisely, “they can contribute to the satisfaction of the desire for meaning, truth and unity which remain the most profound aspirations of each human being.” A 7th grade unit integrating English/ICT/religion classes taught at Incarnation Catholic School will be presented as a case study.


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