Interactive Connections
E-Technology for Catechetical and Pastoral  Ministry in the Global Village

A global community of ministry professionals and practitioners dedicated to providing leadership and service for faith-based educational technology.

Interactive Connections (IC) stands as a global network of faith-based ministers working in collaboration for professional development, knowledge generation, advocacy, and leadership.  A nonprofit membership organization (in Application stage), IC provides leadership and service to improve faith based formation, learning, and ministry leadership by advancing the effective use of technology in PK-12, catechetical minister formation, youth ministry, and young adult and adult formation ministries.  As international collaborators, members support one another with information, networking opportunities, and guidance as they face the challenge of transforming catechetical ministry to 21st Century learning experiences.


  • To provide a global community forum to develop ongoing support and collaboration between catechetical and pastoral ministers for the sake of human development, justice, and peace using social technologies.
  • To offer workshops and seminars that increase the minister’s awareness of technology as a tool for faith-based ministry.
  • To provide an annual conference, which offers members the opportunity to network and learn with colleagues.  The IC experience is the one-and-only venue for convening like-minded catechetical ministers intent on being at the forefront of improving catechetical ministry and learning with the integration of technology from K-Adult.
  • To partner with other organizations and institutions who want to explore how faith-based educational technology can transform and energize their own work and mission. (Affiliate Relationship)
  • To advocate by bringing the voice and needs of catechetical and pastoral ministers to Bishops, vendors, and others regarding faith-based education technology for Catechetics and adult faith-formation.
  • To create a Mission Grant program, in order to provide small grants for faith-based educational technology initiatives in programs with limited technology resources.


National and International members who are:

  • Diocesan Catechetical Ministers (DDRE’s, Assistant Directors, Catechist Formation Coordinators, Coordinators of Evangelization, Directors of Faith Formation, Media Center Directors/Coordinators, etc.)
  • Parish Catechetical Ministers (Directors/Coordinators/Administrators of Religious Education, Directors of Faith Formation, Adult Faith Directors/Coordinators, etc.)
  • Catholic School Educators (PreK-HS teachers, librarian/media center coordinators, and administrators, especially those who are involved in the teaching of religion.)
  • Corporate (manufacturers, publishers, and other private sector organizations)
  • Those interested in enhancing their skills in the area of learning technology for ministry in the parish and school.



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