Welcome to IC 2013!

Casting the .NET: Evangelizing in Our Digital World

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Today technology stands as the pre-eminent vehicle to share the Gospel with others.  This ever evolving Digital World challenges us to learn ever new ways to share and hand on the faith.

To respond to this evangelical challenge, you are invited to join us January 28 – January 31, 2013 for the Fourth (4th) International INTERACTIVE CONNECTIONS CONFERENCE as we celebrate this “Year of Faith”.  You will come to…

  • Network with others serious about integrating technology into their teaching and pastoral ministries.
  • Learn from those leading the way in integrating technology tools to share and deepen the faith with others.
  • Share your everyday ministry best practices as a – catechist, teacher, parish or diocesan directors/staff, enthusiast or advocate, pastor, associate, newbie and anyone involved in parish catechetical and pastoral ministries.

Checkout the list of workshop presenters to see who will be available to network with you over the conference days.  Come to meet those who are the pioneers in integrating technology into their ministries.  We are all eager to learn and share new ways to evangelize and share the faith with one another.

Bishop Jason Gordon

Keynote speaker Bishop Jason Gordon, Bishop of the dioceses of Bridgetown, Barbados and Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines, comfortable with the iPad and iPhone, will address the following:

How do we Evangelize in a digital culture-civilization?  We are experiencing a new culture, with a new language, and a digital civilization.  How do we evangelize differently to share the Good News?  Faith is standing with the Lord, so as to live with him – Rediscover, Reinvigorate, Arouse, Transform, and Witness.

Our universe is alive with sparks of Divine Presence.  Handing on the tradition consists in using our resources to release the energy of the Good News.  In today’s Digital World, how we use our resources to awaken a new experience of Jesus, that will stir others to discover a deep rooted relationship with God…with Jesus…with the new tools that we now have at hand?

Monday evening:  The Year of Faith: A Grace-ful Opportunity for the Digital Disciple

In this talk I will look at the dynamics of the Year of Faith, beginning in Blessed Pope John Paul’s vision for the Third Christian Millennium, and culminating in Pope Benedict’s vision and commitment to the New Evangelization. In this talk we will then explore the nature of faith in an ever changing technological civilization. then we will explore the relationship between technology and the rapid transformations that we have witnessed in the last forty years. Most importantly we will explore the grace-ful opportunity that this Year of Faith opens to the digital disciple.

Tuesday morning: The New Evangelization: A Call to Digital Missionary Discipleship

In this talk we will explore the foundational elements of the New Evangelization in the thinking of Blessed Pope John Paul. We will then further explore the challenges of the New Evangelization for the Catholic today. We will then examine the four spheres of the New Evangelization–The Family, The Parish, The School and The Digital Landscape. We will finally reflect on how we can grow in Digital Missionary Discipleship.

Interactive Connections 2013 co-locates with the Florida Educational Technology Conference  to benefit from over 200 sessions featuring current and emerging technologies, as well as best practices developed through research and experience.  The FETC Expo features over 500 vendors offering new ideas by cutting-edge leaders in educational technology.

Two CEUs from the University of Dayton are included in the registration.


About Caroline Cerveny, SSJ-TOSF, D. Min

Founder and President of Digital Disciple Network (Formerly Interactive Connections) a faith-based educational technology ministry. Internet and educational technology leader and consultant working with faith-leaders who are interested in how to integrate technology into their learning ministries at all age levels.
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6 Responses to Welcome to IC 2013!

  1. stgabrielgal says:

    What resources from the conference will be available after the conference? As a single working parent and a PCL (DRE)…I cannot leave to attend an out of state conference. I cannot take the time off from my job and more importantly I cannot leave my family or home who rely on me. It is just not feasible as a parent or for my job to take a trip to Florida (although I could use one!) . Yet this is an area of extreme interest to me. What digital means of access to the benefits of the conference have you planned for those of us who cannot attend? (After all, It is a conference about using the new media.) Will there be any way to watch the talks, have access to ALL the materials that might be presented, etc…Even if at a cost?

  2. Dear stgabrielgal, A great question! We’re working on several options and hoping to find funding for an option or two. If you have any friends who would love to support a new media project like this, I’d love to hear from them.

  3. Since this is a conference about IT, could some of it be available via “Go to Meeting,” or as a webinar? – suzanne

  4. Hi Suzanne, A little clarification – “IT” is Information Technology and “ET” is Educational Technology. Both are important areas in our parish worlds. However, most folks think of IT as this is the area that helps us set-up our computers and networks, WiFi services, security and more. It’s the area that let’s us do what we need to do with our learning tools on the educational side. Currently – Interactive Connections does not have the staff or the budget we need for the IT side of this organization. That will happen someday and hopefully soon! But we are working on something that may allow us to have the keynote available to interested persons. Keep your fingers crossed!

    • Thank you so much for this explanation, Caroline. I’m trying to keep up with all of this, but have a long way to go. Have set up a website for Adult Faith Formation – with links and documenments, etc. But need to get into the blogs and webinars, smart boards, somehow connect it all to people’s smart phones, etc. etc.

      Maybe …. Bill Gates’ education programs for developing excellent teachers could fund something for you.
      All the best,

      • Your welcome! I see that you are at St. Raphael’s in Rockville! Glad to hear that you are getting your feet wet with a AFF website. Gradually the other tools will fall into place for you. It’s helpful to develop a Digital Disciple Committee to assist you in the additional areas. Teamwork and collaboration is so important in this Digital World!

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